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Things to Do and Visit

Top Activities For Lidcombe

  • Sydney Olympic Park – Large area of parklands and venues, there is always something on at
  • Auburn Botanic Gardens – It is a place of natural beauty where people can learn more about horticulture, birds and native animals.
  • Shopping – DFO, Ikea, Costco and Rhodes Shopping Centre are all within minutes drive.

Top Attractions in Sydney

  • Taronga Zoo – Sydney’s world famous zoo, featuring native and exotic animals.  Located in Mosman with some of the most magnificent views.  Taronga Zoo has all the animals you’ll find in a wildlife park, plus lots more.
  • Powerhouse Museum – Australia’s largest and most popular museum with over 25 exhibitions of decorative arts, science and technology.
  • Sydney Tower Eye Westfield – A unique tower 300 metres high offering magnificent views of the city.
  • Sydney Opera House – One of Australia’s top attractions that captures the spirit of modern Sydney featuring music, drama, opera, and ballet.  Take a guided tour or dine in a selection of fine restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Art Gallery of NSW – The finest collections of Australian art, including the world’s largest permanent exhibition of Australian Aboriginal art.
  • Kings Cross – The intersection of William Street and Victoria Road forms the “X” in Australia’s nightlife capital, lined with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Kings Cross is a round-the-clock parade of entertainment.
  • Star Casino – Sydney’s waterside casino and entertainment complex, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Includes world-class gaming facilities, theatres and restaurants.
  • IMAX Theatre – Australia’s biggest movie screen with a range of documentaries and three-dimensional movies.  You’ll see crystal clear images, ten times larger than original cinemas.  The pictures are so real you’ll want to touch them. The next best thing to being there!
  • Chinatown – A strip of Hong Kong with a variety of restaurants, takeaways, produce stores and other shops.
  • Bondi Beach – Sydney’s most famous beach. Relax in the kilometre long white sand beach or go surfing on a consistent swell from the Tasman Sea.  Dozens of outdoor cafes and restaurants are situated on Campbell Parade, opposite the beach.  In the evenings, why not sample the Bondi nightlife.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bridgclimb – The Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932. It is 503 metres long, and is structured using 485,000 square metres of steel.